Paleo Diet Food List

I have tried to compile a Paleo Diet Food List the most comprehensive on the internet! Anything that has been processed are not ancient. Anything that can not be found naturally in the wild is not ancient. Remember, the paleo diet is to eat the same foods that our ancestors hunted and gathered over millions of years before the agricultural revolution (in which we learn some tricks of agriculture and began to mass produce food 10,000 years ago). Our ancestors survivedPaleo Diet Food List by paleolithic diet because their bodies are well adapted to organic natural foods. Today, we eat lots of processed foods and mass produced that is not meshing well with our biology, with many nutritionists believe this to be the main cause of obesity and the highest level of disease we’ve ever seen (such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, and diabetes).

An explanation of Paleo Diet Food List

Paleo Diet concept is to bring our eating habits back to the way they would have been, or as close to, in ancient times. This diet requires that you avoid all processed foods found in supermarkets and is centered on eating something from the Paleo Diet Food List that occur in nature or come directly from the soil.

The way we live our lives, and cook our food has changed in recent years, especially when we compare with the way it happened thousands of years ago. Your daily diet will primarily consist of meat and fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, and nuts and seeds. You will avoid the foods would include dairy products, cereal grains, legumes, starchy vegetables, fatty meats and high-salt items.

Paleo Diet Food List that are allowed

Allowed Foods

* Lean Beef
* Lean Pork
* Lean Poultry
* Venison
* Meat Rabbits
* Heart Meat
* Game Meat
* Jerky
* Fish
* Clams
* Crab
* Crayfish
* Lobster
* Mussels
* Oysters
* Shrimp

* Fresh Fruit
* Fresh Vegetables
* Almond
* Pine Nuts
* Brazil Nuts
* Pistachio Nuts
* Cashew Nuts
* Flaxseeds
* Pumpkin Seeds
* Chestnuts
* Sesame Seeds
* Pecan Nuts
* Walnuts
* Macadamia Nuts
* Sunflower Seeds
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