Vicky (Vicky Vette), MANDY (Dewi Persik), and MISA (Misa Campo) are sisters. One day Mandy was bored and go traveling with a her friend also her manager JOYCE (Natha Narita), and her boyfriend ALEX (Rafi Cinoun), into a forest.

The place was named the “Hutan Jodoh”, because it has a fountain that supposedly could tihghten a relationship. Who would ever bathe in the water fountain will quickly get a mate. Joyce herself was found Alex after a ritual bath in that place.

Mandy does not believe in superstitious things like that. He took a bath in the shower without pretension rituals for finding a mate. But, when they walked around the forest of their camping place, Mandy met and became acquainted with Romy (Jonathan Frizzy). They are attracted to each other and fall in love.

Mandy’s grandpa suddenly died. Mandy felt very lost. But she felt comforted due to accompanied by Romy. Mandy felt very love Romy. But at the same time experiencing weirdness for weirdness that makes Mandy got scared. But Mandy was not aware of it. Who knew it would be Joyce boyfriend and Alex.

YOGA (Olga Syahputra) tells something about the mystery of the weirdness. But, would Joyce and Alex going to let that strange things happen to Mandy? And what can be done by Vicky and Misa to save their Sister? All will be reflected and revealed in the story “PACAR HANTU PERAWAN”. A film is seductive, beautiful, sensual, funny, tense, thrilling at the same time.


: Horror
: Kk Dheeraj

: K2k Production
: Dewi Perssik
Olga Syahputra
Jonathan Frizzy
Vicky Vette
Misa Campo


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